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OMDoc is a markup format and data model for Open Mathematical Documents.

OMDoc serves as semantics-oriented representation format and ontology language for mathematical knowledge. Format, Distribution, Examples

The current stable version is OMDoc1.2 (see the OMDoc1.2 Book). Current development work mainly focuses on OMDoc applications, but the experiences gained there flows back into the OMDoc Specifications. We are currently working on two fronts:

  • OMDoc1.3 is an incremental extension of OMDoc1.2 that addresses immediate needs from the applications and increases semantic web compatibility.
  • OMDoc1.6 is the first step towards OMDoc2.0, this includes radical redesign. serves as a community portal for the OMDoc community and as a clearinghouse for information about OMDoc-based projects and extensions to other sciences. OMDoc bibliography, OMDoc Tools and Projects

OMDoc News

The 10 latest news are shown here; see the full listing for more news and more details. Please feel free to comment on the news items in the tickets.

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Summary Reporter Ticket
2013-02-04: Restarting OMDoc2 language design kohlhase #1637
2010-06-01: Working on OMDoc1.3 kohlhase #1627
2009-06-02: Poster demonstration on mathematical ontology documentation clange #1509
2009-03-26: OMDoc news in the Trac clange #1500
2009-03-24: Web Site moved to TRAC kohlhase #1483
2008-12-08: Mathematical Semantic Web with Krextor clange #1477
2008-09-03: OpenMath Content Dictionary Wiki kohlhase #1478
2008-07-28: Release of JOMDoc v0.1.1 kohlhase #1479
2008-06-17: Krextor the KWARC RDF extractor clange #1480
2007-05-22: Call for Module Maintainers kohlhase #1481
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