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#7 Graph view in LATIN webtools task 11/19/10

It should be possible to see both the theory graph and the content of individual theories side by side, typically in different browser tabs.

Synchronization and interaction between these tabs is tricky and requires more research though.

fhorozal (2 matches)

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#4 Write comorphisms in LATIN lf-atlas student project 11/19/10

We have understood pretty well how to write logics in a general framework, but the treatment of comorphisms is still unsatisfactory.

This project is about formalizing certain comorphisms and to see how far we get. Typical comorphisms would be the ones between the various CASL logics.

See the paper "A Logical Framework Combining Model and Proof Theory" (Rabe) for the framework and Kristina Sojakova's MSc thesis for an example.

#1 brows source does not work even for admins like me admin task 09/17/10

I tried to use browse source in the LATIN TRAC, but did not have enough privileges. This seems wrong.

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